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Fruitive International Co., specializes in designing and integrating as well as providing PVC / TPO and various laminate materials calender production line based on the clientele’s need. A Calender is a main equipment and plays an important role of a production line. You can choose 2 to 3 rollers and they can be arranged as "I" shape or oblique "I" shape. The calender that consists of these rollers in different numbers and different shapes is the core equipment of a production line. Hence, this is important when choosing the right products. We always make every effort to assist our clients to select the requested products in regarding to some technical aspects such as the diameter, the width and the material of the calendar roller with the maximum capacity in order to meet the aimed production capacity and product demands. It is also an option to equip the most up-to-date full automatic control as well as the thickness monitor on our calenders. We dissipate thickness fluctuation by adopting the technology of moving rollers, rolls bending cross-axis and bearing preloading and other means. In addition, it can also be equipped with electronic devices to monitor the data and adjust the parameter automatically to ensure the optimal calender processing. Specially designed roller arrangement contributes easy installation with various auxiliary devices. For instance, the product material will be drawn out of the calendar by the roller to find the best position and angle for laminating. Quick-changed embossing rollers, rubber embossing roller set are also armed.
  • Specification

    Dia.24" x72" L
    Dia.24" x80" L
    Dia.26" x90" L

    Based on Customer's Requirement

    1. Super Mixer 7. Calender
    2. Banbury 8. Take-off & Embossing Unit
    3. Mixing Roll 9. Fabric Let-off
    4. Mixing Roll 10.Cooling Unit
    5. Strainer 11. Accumulator
    6. Fabric Let-off 12. Auto Center Winder