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Since 2006, Fruitive International specialized in providing overall planning and services of equipment engineering projects before and after transactions builds the vertical integrated supply chain system. We build win-win and reciprocal cooperative and profitable good-cycle relations with our partners, facilitate cooperative and productive interaction and control the quality, budget and schedule of projects to help each client find the fittest software and hardware equipment. We become the best partner for benchmark enterprises by gaining the utmost value out of the least resources.

Business in the PVC / TPO round with green plastic tape production equipment, dyeing and finishing plant in the field of organic gas treatment equipment. We offer diversified services around the world like America, Asia and Southeast Asia and etc. Moreover we got well received by the industry.

Why Fruitive International?

  • One brand with full commitment
    We do our 100% best to provide the wonderful service to our clients.

  • Two businesses interlinked
    Bridging the bulk factories and equipment plants, we are the intermediate platform of communications between
    venders and clients by assessing the abilities of the former in terms of the needs of the latter.

  • Three Es for co-sharing and co-thriving
    Expertise: We have professional knowledge to provide the customized solution that meet clients’ needs.
    Experience: Our strengths build on our devotion to the industry more than 15 years blending theory and practice perfectly.
    Enterprise relation: The optimal package solution is identified for each client by our relations with venders and mixed technical resources.

  • Four faiths for creating business chances
    Sincerity: We are sincere to services and committed to quality.
    Services: We are ready for clients’ service anytime.
    Efficiency: We are dedicated in providing solution immediately that clients equipment has more competitive than others.
    Quality: The whole supply chain system controlled by vertical integration creates high values for our clients with high qualities.