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Application Principle
Industrial machine types: for PVC calender, PVC foam machines, textile tenter, chemical process ABS, PS extruder, metal smelting, screw production line, glass kilns, pulp manufacturing process, the processing for industrial waste gas pollution from incinerators or others industrial pollution.

The electrostatic dust collection applies to the principal of the features that positive and negative electrodes attract each other. The process is, after the AC rectification and generate the electrostatic filed between the positive and negative electrodes, the unpurified smoke will be guided to static magnetic field and absorbed by discharged the positive and negative electrodes onto the tube wall in liquid or dust form as a layer. If it is a liquid layer, it will drop and collected into a tank. If it is a dust layer, it will be knocked into the tank awaits for storage or recycle. By collecting the contaminated smoke with the use of this principal, the emission pollution can be reduced in the industry and achieve the goal of environmental protection. It is suitable for collecting contaminated smoke, oil fog, and acid fog. This precipitator has phenomenal effect with low power consuming. It can collect 99.9% of the contaminated substance and is the thorough solution to the emission pollution and for valuable material recycling.